Group Testimonial


Group Testimonial ~ Hear what the girls have to say..

Rhode – “I love Ninette’s class. I sit at a desk all day so I make sure I come 2x a week cause I really need these workouts. She motivates me so much with her guided instruction and is always on my form which I like. I also come for her Reiki and massage treatments monthly. So relaxing and loving.”

Gail – “A few years back I really struggled with an illness that had me bed ridden. In 2013, I joined the classes to begin the next phase of my life and have stayed ever since. I lost the weight I wanted to and became really strong, much more coordinated and body aware. I now go on hiking trips for days and have completed 3 marathons. I never knew I would have this opportunity to live this health fit lifestyle. I love it and couldn’t have accomplished these goals without Ninette!”
Cheryl – “I love that the classes are right up the street from my home. Ninette is really supportive with so many aspects of my health and wellness. She is always switching our circuit  stations up which keeps me on my toes! I also come monthly for healings. Her treatment room is always so peaceful, loving and calming. Exactly what I need.”


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