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untitled3Ninette was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.
Since the age of 5, she was immersed in musical and dance studies. Ninette pursued her career in entertainment right from the get go. After her chart topping pop hit “Don’t Ever Leave” Terhart aka “Laya” garnered a JUNO nomination (Canada’s Grammy Award equivelant). In 1996, Terhart moved to Los Angeles to co – found the award winning turbo pop band “Powder” featuring her original fashion forward costume funk designs and, of course, dynamic rock and roll style. The eye-popping stage spectacular with a cast of 10, featured stilt walkers , fire breathers, contortionists, roller skaters, in- sync trick jump ropers, and Cirque De Soleil style aerial art stunt work choreographed and performed by Terhart herself! After sharing the stage with acts such as Metallica, Flavor Flav she went on to win “Band of the Year” & “BEST Front Person” at the Los Angeles Music Awards. Her talents were utilized as a consultant for major film projects like “Josie and the Pussycats” where she taught the actresses how to get that female rock ‘n roll swag! Her own vocals and compositions have also been used in numerous television, film and commercial spots.



Amazing Heights
Since 2002, Ninette started flying through the air and performing at great heights. She held an array of aerial talent on Tissue, Hoop, Hammock and Spanish Web. Ninette has had the privilege of studying and performing with such incredible aerialists as Michelle Legenaire (Cirque du Soleil), Eric Newton (Eye of Newt Circus), Seb Stella and Stella Umeh ( Cirque du Soleil).
Some of her clients have been: Universal Studios-Hollywood, Paramount Pictures-Hollywood, MAXIM, The Andretti Family, Red Bull, Eddie Van Halen, Warner Music, Aussi Film Academy, Infiniti Car Company, Wynn Hotel-Las Vegas, Caesars Palace-Las Vegas, Harrahs-St.Louis, Casino Morongo, and House of Blues to name a few. Terhart continues to entertain with her talents in Stilt Walking , Fire Breathing , Pole Instruction and Performing.


ninette_about03The 2010 breakup of “Powder” gave her the chance to finally live out a life-long dream of training and competing as a professional body builder. After a year of training, she won the following awards: Southern California America Figure Classic, USA Muscle Classic, Masters Universe Overall, Samson & Delilah Novice and a special award for the Best Posing. In 2012 she was featured in the BODYBUILDING.COM over 40 athlete of the week. Later that same year Ninette performed along side Christina Aguilera at the AMA Music Awards and then competed at the NPC Excalibur Body Building competition 2 weeks later and won 1st Place in Physique Class which now qualified her for Nationals. One month later, on Jan 19th 2013, Ninette won 1st place in the Iron Man Competition Physique Class at the L.A. Fit Expo which lead to her being published in IRON MAN Magazine starting in 2013 through to 2015 with her “EAT TO GROW” and “Food For Thought” nutrition columns.



Be Here Now

Ninette is currently focused on deepening her understanding of the true meaning of health and wellness for herself and each of her clients. Through continual studies and practice, Ninette’s passion for connecting all aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit wellness, motivates her to reach for new ways to ignite that in all those she comes in contact with!

” Your wealth is in your health! I’m here to help”
– Ninette


Ninette Has been certified in Canada and the US as a professional Fitness Trainer.  With over 2 decades of experience in training with free weights, chords, ball, slide trainer, step, hoop, trampoline, body bar, kick boxing, yoga, aquatic aerobics, body roller and nutrition, allows for life changing results.

Fitness History

2001-2012 – Professional Cirque Aerial Acrobat

2000-2011 – Professional Pole Dancing Instructor & Performer

2007-2009 – Bally’s Fitness – Fitness Trainer

2000-2003 – Gold’s Gym Hollywood & L.A. – Fitness Trainer

2000- 2002 – Universal Studio – Fitness Trainer

1998-2001 – Paramount Pictures – Fitness and Wellness Coach

1993-96 – Hewlett Packard – Fitness and Wellness Coach

1994-96 – Spectrum – Fitness Trainer

1994- 96 –Curzons – Fitness Trainer

1989-96 – Goodlife Fitness Canada – Fitness Trainer

1986-96 – Gold’s Gym Canada – Aerobic Coordinator and Fitness Trainer

1984-86 – Etobicoke Community Center, Canada – Fitness Trainer


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